Recipe Development

Recipe development is a key component in how cookbooks, food magazines and food content is created. It is about creating a recipe from an idea or “from scratch.” The goal might be to showcase products or to simply enjoy the pure pleasure of being creative with food. A great recipe is not developed overnight, but through a lot of incarnations until it reaches perfection.

Which brings us to recipe testing which forms an integral part of recipe development. Being a qualified hot and cold kitchen as well as pastry Chef, I am able to create great recipes utilizing my experience of how different ingredients react with one another, how they taste on their own, and what combinations will or just won’t work.

By trying new approaches, altering ingredients slightly, or varying cooking times, new recipes are created. Each time a recipe takes on a new version of itself, it gets taste-tested. After much trial and error, the absolute best version is kept.

For some, recipe development is about updating, changing or modernizing classic dishes or for others, it is letting inspiration take over when eating at a restaurant, then heading back to the kitchen to create their own version of the food they’ve just enjoyed. I absolutely love food and fresh seasonal produce, so I am constantly inspired to ‘play with my food’.

Following food trends and new developments is a very important element in recipe development, as I need to be able to create clear and concise recipes keeping these trends in mind. Extensive research, reading and conferences help me keep up to date with new trends, ingredients, and cooking equipment.

If you need recipes developed for cookbooks, online content, showcasing your product(s) or a new menu, please feel free to drop me an email to discuss your needs.