Food Styling

I am a Johannesburg based professional food and beverage stylist as well as a qualified chef.

I’ve spent a decade creating stunning food, images, videos and recipes for a diverse range of clients across advertising campaigns, commercials, packaging, print and online imagery, film and video, websites and social media as well as recipe books and recipe videos.

With an eye for the finest detail and a wealth of experience in the food industry, I bring creative solution-driven concepts to every shoot.

From conceptualisation all the way through to final product my focus remains on what my client’s needs are, what they envision and on the story they would like their food to tell.

I have worked on many high-end budget projects for product, campaigns, cookbooks, food festivals and celebrity chefs including but not limited to, J’Something, Sarah Graham, Naqiyah Mayat, That Food Guy, Good Food & Wine Show, Delicious Festival, Eskort, Ultramel, Albany, Love of Banting, Mike’s Kitchen, Sodastream SA and Uber Eats.

Fast Facts

  • Johannesburg based freelance food stylist and food professional, travels when needed.
  • Chef, food stylist, culinary consultant, recipe developer, creative food director, content curator and visual creator.
  • Develops, writes and tests recipes for product, video, social media, website content, cookbooks.
  • Wealth of food experience, knowledge and skills across many food genres.
  • Passionate about fresh and seasonal produce especially if it is local and sustainable.
  • Passion for food reflects in styling, making fresh, natural and beautiful food the focus.
  • Ability to work across all genre’s and make each campaign unique to its own brand

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